Acute Lower Back Injury

And now, here is a guest article from a friend, OS Clinician, and Instructor, Dr. Kurt Brooks. Oh! The Agony! Today,…

Get Down to Get Up = GD2GU

A guest article from OS Instructor Sarah Young!

The Wave of Now

“There is no Tomorrow!” - Apollo Creed  Time is such a funny thing. It is. It comes. It goes. Most of us, if we are honest, focus too much…

Rewiring for Strength: The Science of Neuroplasticity

And now, a Guest Post By Shane McLean  

Pressing Reset: The superpower that helps them all

And now, a guest article from friend and OS Clinician and Instructor Dr. Kurt Brooks: We all know Superman.  And Batman.  Aquaman, the Flash,…

Discover and Develop Your Strength

Key Thoughts

Your mind may be your biggest limiter.

You may be able to do challenging things that prevent you from living life fully.

Reveal your true idenitity.

If you engage in difficult tasks on purpose, if you can get comfortable being quite uncomfortable, you can discover and learn a great deal about yourself and all the strength you possess. 

The Movement of Faith

Key thoughts:

Faith is known even if not seen. It's God in operation.

Our existence is evidence that we are loved.

To see a person’s expressions (their gifts and talents) is the evidence of what we cannot see - the interworkings of their nervous system, which ultimately gets its direction from the cell(s), the container of God’s knowledge (DNA).

A Warning With a Grain of Salt


The world you live in is currently ruled by fear.

If you do something, you create opportunity. If you do nothing, you create opportunity.

Doing nothing or doing the same thing only hastens and compounds the results of what you’ve already been doing!

Old Things Can Become New

People often prefer new and shiny things. I think we are designed to do this. After all, new is exciting. But we also crave old things like memories, tastes, smells, and feelings. Older things can bring comfort in a world where new seems always to fade. 

Original Strength is a company that teaches the oldest strength-building routine in the world, which is personalized to each individual's body. This original, old routine involves using the vestibular and nervous systems designed and built specifically for our bodies. 

Living in our design, we naturally developed strength as babies by controlling our heads, rolling over, crawling, and walking. However, as we grew up, we “moved” away from our design and became sitters, stressors, and worriers, causing our bodies to adapt to these changes. 

We can shift the direction of change through Original Strength's Movement Restoration System, which aims to help people regain some of the strength and movement they had as children. With Pressing RESET, we can even help people renew their bodies by recovering quicker and potentially eliminating the need for medications and surgeries.

What is a Reasonable Goal?

Setting goals is important, and the right goals are even more important.

Your body is amazingly designed to get you through every day of your life.

How fast does your nervous system move or react?

Your body comes with a built-in restoration system.

It feels good to feel good.