New Good Habits

Categories: Stories Aug 17, 2020

I am grateful beyond words to be training with Mike Moran. Original Strength and Mike's guidance have changed my life. My hip and back pain were limiting my ability to move and affecting my whole life. I was taking pain medication and had gotten cortisone shots over the years, and a hip replacement had been suggested. Even more frustrating was the fact that I did have knowledge and background in safe movement, injury prevention, yoga, exercise and personal training, so I kept thinking that I should be able to fix myself.  What I didn't realize was that I could not recognize and fix what I wasn't aware of. When Mike introduced me to the basic resets of OS, and had me learn about my breathing, it was the start of me undoing years of bad habits and learning how to be kind and intuitive with my body.  I have decided that it took me a few decades to get so out of whack, and I will give myself the gift of training with Mike to keep helping my body heal, get strong, and continue my new good habits of breathing and OS movement.  I love the results I have experienced and I love that this training has influenced how I now teach others. Now my 69 year old body feels better than it has in decades, and I expect to be able to stay active, balanced and healthy... so long as I breath and move like a baby!


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