Original Strength Got Me to Black Belt

Categories: Stories Sep 14, 2020

I received my black belt in karate after starting 38 years ago. I have done other styles and things but came full circle training with my elder daughter. Original Strength really got me there. It’s an arduous course, and increasingly I just do yard work by hand with added rolling and sled; every walk with the dog is with a backpack though. Playing with indian clubs and neuro grips too, but I stopped for the weeks before the grading to avoid injury. My strength is such that I could push two men trying to stop me who collectively weighed over 230 kg. It was surprising how easy it was. I could grapple a younger black belt of my size and use him as a shield to stack him against multiple opponents. I’m saying this only to point out that I pressure tested your ideas in a three hour grading and they worked; 8 years of training in this style to three critical hours of application. I would like to see critical responders and special forces use your stuff (I was navy reserve and have therefore done military training and experienced the fitness training there). I’m sure you have those stories. Thanks for your honesty and positivity brother. Off to roll and dead bug before the kids awake!
- Andrew

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