Huge Differences for Autistic Girl

Categories: stories Feb 12, 2021

I do Primitive Reflex Integration work on kids and adults, and I love it, but I really do not like the exercises that I would give parents to do at home on their kids.  I have known about Original Strength, and done it myself for sometime, and recently became a coach.  I became a coach, b/c I wanted to understand it better, and try it out on my clients, using this as a home program rather than the other reflex exercises.  My idea behind it was that the exercises I use to give for parents to do on their kids, can be complicated, it is a lot of work, and the parent just works on the child, but does not get a benefit themselves or feel the work in their body.  So, instead, I gave some of my clients a program using the 5 resets, something that they can do together, and is a lot more fun.  One of my clients is a 7 year old autistic girl, and her and her mom did the first 2 weeks of exercises diligently, but then stopped doing them b/c the mom was busy and in the middle of a kitchen remodel.  They took a week and a half break, then the mom started up again, and she stated that she noticed huge differences after 1 day.  Her daughter was much more compliant, her emotional regulation was way better, and she was less reactive and connected better with her mom.   This was very encouraging to her to keep up the work.  I think the benefit of the Resets is they are based on how babies move, which is how they integrate their reflexes.  I also love the simplicity and fun of Original Strength Resets, and it is doable, not overwhelming, so it is something you can do daily.  So, I am glad my plan is working, looking forward to helping more people press reset.  Thanks for all you guys do!

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