I Wasn't Slow... It Was Easy!

Categories: Stories Feb 12, 2021

I just keep getting impressed by the changes I'm noticing and I want to share them with you.
66 yrs old, still able bodied. Some low chronic knee, hip and neck pains from prior injuries but the Resets have not only kept those pains away but have helped improve my athletic performance.  
There's a hill that starts in front of my house. Since I can't really jog much, 6 months ago I decided to do 3 x 30 second sprints up it as part of my weekly practice. I picked a starting line, ran 30 seconds and stopped. That was the finish line. The finish line didn't change. for oh...5 months. I could reach it in about 28 seconds, and that was enough. 
Come December I took the Reset Cert and then came the holidays and rain and I didn't do any running. But last week I decided to get back at it and as I started my first interval I felt like "oh man Alan, you have got to pick up the pace! you are slow!". I reached my usual finish line and waited for the 30 second beep...and waited. I realized that I wasn't slow; It was easy!  The next 4 intervals I added about 10 yards to my 30 second sprint. 
The only change in my training was no running and more Resets.
Thanks again  
ps (Tim, I'm stepping up. Along with the more active folk I work with, I've got an 80 & 70 yr old that I've decided to take up with)

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