A Question about Becoming Bulletproof and Discovering You

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A friend of mine recently wrote in a question about my latest two books, The Becoming Bulletproof Project and Discovering you. I thought it was worth sharing on a larger platform in case others may find the discussion useful. So, here we go... 

The Question:

'Hey Tim, I recently finished The Bulletproof Project and Discovering You. Loved them both. Curious if you have an opinion on integrating the 21s and Discovering You methods into the Bulletproof templates? Would you change anything from Becoming Bulletproof after writing Discovering You?"

The Answer:

I think you can integrate the 21s into Becoming Bulletproof by using the 21s as a sort of movement prep. Especially the shorter version offered at the end of the book. I also think you could use the 21s for the movement and strength days in between your Becoming Bulletproof training sessions. 
I don’t know that I would change anything about Becoming Bulletproof - to me, it was/is a refining ground for self and ability discovery. It sets up the experience of "I can." It helps you cultivate the strength in your body and the confidence and belief in your ability. Knowing "I can." Is powerful.
I do think that after you are comfortable with the Becoming Bulletproof training, when they become "easy" and you know for certain "I can" and "I am strong," you can do some deeper internal reflection and realize that you don’t necessarily need the training sessions to be bulletproof. You just are.
THIS is what opens the door for the Daily 21s to begin to work their magic - that knowledge, along with these movements, can keep you bulletproof in both mind and body. They keep the body able, and the knowledge that "I can" keeps the body unhindered in strength and expression. I hope this makes some sense!
The Books:
I love both of those books. I wouldn't change anything about either of them. I have lived them, and what I've gained has been invaluable.
Just in case they are new to you, The Becoming Bulletproof Project is designed to help you become bulletproof in mind and body. It uses a series of physical training and lessons to help you realize the truth of your strength and resilience. You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/Becoming-Bulletproof-Project-Discovering-Within-ebook/dp/B07Q1JWSC9?ref_=ast_sto_dp
Discovering You is about helping you discover the truth about yourself, that part of you that never ages and never tires. The part of you that is unhindered joy. It offers three series of the Daily 21s - movement routines designed to help you remove any restrictions in your body so you can experience that unhindered joy flowing through you. Those movements are powerful. You can find Discovering You here: https://www.amazon.com/Discovering-You-Tim-Anderson-ebook/dp/B089LT1KPH?ref_=ast_sto_dp
This leads me to the next chapter. I've got a new book coming out called Be Naked. It is fairly well a "part 2" of Discovering You. It's the how-to be the you that you discover. It's one thing to learn who you are. It's a whole other thing to actually be who you are. This book will offer breathing and movement routines to help you feel all the sensations and messages your body, along with your deeper, true Self, is trying to tell you. This is the book that helps you listen to the guidance and wisdom of "That still small voice" so you can be the You that you really are. I'll let you know when this one comes out!

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