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When Original Strength first got started, we often explained it as a series of movements that reset the original operating system of the body. The movements seemed to clean the body’s hard drive, restore its original operating system, and optimize all the other programs and patterns that the body carried out. 

What we didn’t focus on too much was how restoring the original operating system also seemed to restore the emotions, thoughts, and effects of the person. We focus on that a great deal now, but in the beginning, that was just a pleasant consequence that seemed to happen when we started Pressing RESET with these movements. Now we know that everything affects everything and nothing in a person happens in a vacuum. In a sense, your movements are your emotions and thoughts, and your emotions and thoughts are your movements. 

Anyway, if we Press RESET, we greatly affect all the programs that are being run in the body. And this is why it is so important to move and Press RESET often; there are a lot of programs running in the body that can “gunk up” our original operating system. 

But sometimes, we need to do more than move when it comes to optimizing ourselves or optimizing our lives. We need to actually address some of the programs running inside our nervous system directly, or at least we need to be aware of them because we are often running powerful programs that we aren’t even aware of. I am talking about our beliefs. 

Beliefs are programs. 

Your body is an expression suit. It expresses whatever you think, feel, and believe. That is, your nervous system carries out the programs of your thoughts and beliefs. Don’t believe me? Go for a walk in the woods at night and start imagining that you are being stalked by a wolf, a bear, or another person. Notice how your body starts expressing your imagination and your beliefs regarding your situation. Your heart rate will increase, your muscles will tense, you may start to run in a frenzy of panic, you may hyperventilate, you may scream and shake, or you may faint. Your body will definitely express what you’re programming it with. 

This is why it is so important to guard against your own thoughts and beliefs. They are constant messages (programs) that your body will carry out in some fashion. Remember, nothing happens in a vacuum in you. Everything, even your beliefs, affects everything. 

Your beliefs mold and shape you and your life. Your beliefs can be beneficial and enhance your health and your life. And your beliefs can be detrimental and actually harm your health and detract from your life. 

I know this sounds silly, but we need to be aware of our real beliefs because our bodies will give us what we believe. If we believe we are unworthy of someone’s love or respect, our body will help us carry out that belief. Maybe it will do that through our posture; maybe it will do that through our digestive system; maybe it will do that through our sympathetic nervous system. If we believe we are fat, ugly, poor, dumb, unlovable, or anything negative, our body will find a way to back up that belief and express it in our reality. Our beliefs are programs that are reinforced by our body’s expressions and functions. 

If you are holding onto negative beliefs, it is time to change your programming. It’s time to believe in your true self, the one who is smart, funny, good-looking, lovable, and ever so worthy. That’s the truth of the matter anyway, so you might as well believe it. It is a lot easier for your body to carry out true programs than it is false ones. False beliefs can absolutely wreck your health, which can wreck the outcome of your life. But true programs, true programs open the opportunities for health, laughter, and life. 

Be aware of your programs. If your beliefs are negative, let them go. Replace them with the truth. Don’t trust in fears or worries. Don’t let those programs infiltrate and hijack your nervous system. Believe the best in yourself, about yourself. Believe in love, hope, and peace. Those programs are also waiting to be carried out, and they feel amazing when they are carried out. 

To sum it all up, for optimal health, to be an optimal YOU, guard your heart, and don’t let negative beliefs take root in your nervous system. Program your nervous system with positive beliefs, with the truth. AND Press RESET by moving often with the movements you are born to make daily: belly breathe, use your head, roll your spine, rock your vestibular system, and use all your limbs when you travel from point A to point B. 

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  1. walt:
    Jan 23, 2023 at 05:45 PM

    You wrote, "Beliefs are programs."

    For medical/clinical data supporting this, you might enjoy Healing Ourselves -- although, you seem to understand the basics already. Thanks for the post!


    1. Tim Anderson:
      Jan 23, 2023 at 09:13 PM

      Thanks for sharing this, Walt! Fantastic!


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