The Fountain of Youth is Within You

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I recently did a BodCast Episode about the Vestibular System. If you want to catch a glimpse of the wonder inside of your design, you may want to listen to it. It’s full of “neat” tidbits about your vestibular system and all that it does. 

Here’s a link to listen: BodCast Episode 163: The Vestibular System is the Fountain of Youth

One thing I mention in the BodCast and what I want to talk about here is that your Vestibular System, the sensory system that lives in your head behind your ears, is your Fountain of Youth. I am calling it your fountain of youth because some interesting research by Dr. Joan Vernikos would suggest that not stimulating your vestibular system accelerates the body's aging ten times faster than normal. 

Again, her research suggests not necessarily concludes that, though it’s on the cusp of that declaration. Dr. Vernikos looked at the effects of Zero Gravity on astronauts to discover this rate of aging. The vestibular system is created for and dependent on gravity to orient the body and keep the eyes and head on the horizon. In space, there is no gravity and no horizon; therefore, there is no activation or stimulation of the vestibular system. When the body is in space, it ages rapidly. This is why I am saying not stimulating the vestibular system rapidly ages the body. 

Not only that, but when the astronauts come back into earth’s gravitational field and resume their normal earthbound lives, their bodies reverse the effects of the aging they experienced in outer space. This is also one reason I say activating the vestibular system is your fountain of youth. 

And I mean it literally. 

You have fluid and cilia inside the semicircular canals or your vestibular canals - I don’t know why we don’t just call them that. Gravity acts on this fluid when we MOVE to tell the brain where the head and body are in relationship to the horizon. Movement keeps this fluid moving in our “vestibular canals,” and it keeps the “detection cilia” soft, supple, and flowing. This fluid movement of the cilia is what keeps us healthy, strong, and YOUNG throughout our lives. The cilia remain fluid through our movement inside of the earth’s gravitational pull. This is the main reason I say activating your vestibular system is your fountain of youth or your “Rivers of Living Waters;” it keeps the fluid and cilia in your three interconnected semicircular vestibular canals mobile and healthy. 

Flowing waters yield life. Stagnant non-moving waters yield death and decay. 

Do you see it?

When we don’t move our bodies, especially our eyes, and heads, we are not causing those Rivers of Life inside of our vestibular canals to flow. When we are sedentary, we cause those cilia in our canals to become brittle and stiff. When this happens, we lose our balance, posture, stability, mobility, strength, power, ease, and our joy. Yes, we trade in our joy when we allow our vestibular system to dry up. When we don’t move well, when our youth has accelerated to decay, our joy dries up too. 

But we can move against and with gravity at any time. We can activate and stimulate our vestibular system and get those “waters flowing” at any time. We can move our heads and bodies like they are designed to be moved, and we can restore the suppleness and fluidity of our cilia and bodies at any time. That is the AWEsomeness of our design. We were made to move. Movement keeps our Rivers of Living Waters flowing. And when we move well, we feel well, all over through and through; Spirit, Soul, and Body. 

Tap into your fountain of youth. Move your body and get those vestibular canals flowing. This is easily done by rocking and rolling on the floor. But it’s also easily done by just changing your body position often, letting gravity move those rivers and cilia in your canals. 

We may not have been made to be astronauts, but we were certainly made to be motionauts. Your body is the new frontier. Move in it. 

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  1. walt:
    Feb 13, 2023 at 03:38 PM

    I've found that strong emotions like sorrow, mourning, or grief can affect my physical balance, and not in a good way; likely owing to their "pull" toward memories and imagination, and away from the present. I would prefer to simply "be" more stable at such times, but at least I've learned many approaches (tools) to use in order to right my ship when it gets wobbly. That's one reason I value the subjects you discuss here, and stress how all our parts are intertwined. Thanks, Tim!


  2. Mark:
    Apr 19, 2023 at 10:46 PM

    Walt is not wrong. It's beyond the scope of this comment to go much further....but he is right. I've felt this my self and experienced it first hand. Thanks for pointing this out Walt!


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