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Hello My Friends,

It’s been an amazing week this past week. I got to see some old friends, and I had a chance to teach beside a great friend of mine named Dan John. I don’t know about you, but I love being around positive, gentle-natured people who enjoy helping other people grow and reach for their best lives. I also enjoy learning useful information that can benefit the lives of the people I come into contact with. 

Just being around Dan John makes me want to be a better, smarter, more helpful person. He is brilliant in a simple way. What I mean is that he removes all the clutter and complexity from strength training. But really, he removes a lot of the clutter and complexity away from life. The reason I am so drawn to Dan is that he teaches others how to live better lives, how to evaluate habits, how to evaluate relationships, and how to remove stress by simplifying decisions. Do your relationships, habits, beliefs, and efforts serve you? Or do they sabotage you? 

Maybe this is why I have been in love with physical training for the better part of my life. It has taught me how to work towards my desires and how to measure the effects of my work. Physical training has great carryover into living. Done well, physical training can be life preparing. Not only can it make you more capable of living a good life because your body is strong enough to navigate life’s challenges, but it can give you the tools you need to evaluate your efforts, your thoughts, your goals, and your dreams. If you can develop the secret of showing up every day for the purpose of working towards something meaningful to you, you can learn about yourself and acquire skills that help you live a meaningful life. 

What is a meaningful life? It’s a life with a purpose. It’s a life lived through and guarded by values. It’s the life we were all meant to live. Every one of us is capable of and intended to live a meaningful life. None of us were meant to live lives riddled by fear, anxiety, apathy, complacency, or defeat. We were meant for meaning. 

It’s always so weird; I go to a Dan John event expecting to learn something about moving weights around, and I end up wanting to live a better, more useful life. One of Dan’s phrases or mottos is “Make a difference.” He is pretty good at making a difference. If you ever get a chance to hear him teach, you should take it. OR, you could check him out at

Speaking of showing up and making a difference, a friend of mine, Everett, recently sent me an email about a discovery he has made. He said, “It occurred to me that movement is our superpower.  The more we move, the stronger we become and the more we can do.  You have taught me, and many others, that we are all superheroes with superpowers, but it all starts with movement.  Thank you for the lesson.” 

“We are all superheroes.” That’s the secret. There really is nothing we cannot do. Everett knows this because he has lived this out. In the last two years, Everett has shown up every day and has moved himself to losing 175 pounds. That’s not a typo. What an amazing lesson about the power of our design. 

We are walking around every day filled with superpowers that many of us don’t ever tap into. Everett has tapped into the power of his design, and the result has been nothing less than amazing. To read about his journey, check out his article in Newsweek:

It’s amazing what a decision combined with appropriate action can accomplish. Everette, you are an inspiration. 

Okay, guys. That’s it for this week. Sorry about my emotional high after all the goodness I’ve experienced over the weekend. It just feels so good to feel good, and it feels really good to be inspired.

Have a great week! 

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