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I’ve got a good friend who needed a knee replacement. He was “bone on bone” in his knee, and it was very painful for him to move into deep knee flexion. Deep knee flexion is the kind of knee flexion required to perform a deep squat and get down and up from the floor; it’s the kind of knee flexion he desired to play on the floor with his grandkids.

Anyway, my friend’s X-rays, scans, and doctors all agreed that he would have to have a knee replacement. Oh, my friend was also a Doctor of Physical Therapy and agreed with the general consensus of the above. For him, there was no question of whether he needed a knee replacement as much as when he wanted a knee replacement. Understandably, he was in no hurry to have surgery, so he shelved the idea for a while; he could walk okay, and he had managed “work-a-rounds” for getting up and down from the floor. 

But one faithful day, my friend discovered a movement called rocking. He had gone to an OS certification to learn how to Press RESET with his patients. While at the certification, he made discoveries about his body that he had not expected. He was able to move more easily on the floor, and he was able to do movements that he knew he was unable to do previously. And so, my friend began a daily habit of rocking on his hands and knees. 

Years have passed since my friend first learned how to Press RESET. My friend now uses the Original Strength Resets with all his patients. He even teaches them to students learning to become physical therapists at a local university. Oh, and quite amazingly, my friend no longer needs a knee replacement. He, along with his doctors, also agree on this. Best of all, my friend is able to play on the floor, without any trepidation or hesitation, with his grandchildren. 

What happened? 

His body healed. 

His body healed through engagement in its design. My friend became faithful in showing up every day and rocking back and forth on his hands and knees. He did head nods, he rolled on the floor, he crawled. In other words, my friend used his body’s design consistently, and his body adapted by establishing a more efficient nervous system, better movement patterns, and better joint integrity. 

The body is designed to heal. And given the chance, with the optimal stimulus, it can heal, restore, recover, improve, and change for the better (use whatever words you are comfortable with). The point is, you’re never stuck. The body is made to grow towards health throughout your entire lifespan. 

Don’t get me wrong, if my friend had chosen to get his knee surgically repaired or replaced, his body would have still healed. Don’t miss this: the body’s design to heal itself is what allows surgeries to be effective. If the body could not heal, surgeries would never work. So, thank God for the miracle of the body’s design and the miracles of modern medicine! But there may be times when the body needs to return to the movements it was designed to make when Pressing RESET consistently, along with the time needed to give the body a chance to repair itself. There may be times when the body needs help in healing when medical intervention is needed and very helpful in the healing process. Knowing how to Press RESET is even more critical in these situations as it can help the body recover optimally so much faster. 

I guess I’m just in awe of our design. We are healing machines and are never stuck, especially if we engage in the movements our bodies were designed to make. Super simple things like nasal breathing with the tongue on the roof of the mouth, moving our eyes and heads, rolling on the floor, rocking back and forth, crawling and walking - these are HEALING movements, and they give our bodies the information they need to grow forward throughout our entire lives. 

By the way, my friend with the new knee is in his sixties. His knee improved and got healthier as he got older; it didn’t fall apart because he was aging. It did the opposite! It’s just amazing. But that is the essence of our design. There are layers upon layers of wonder inside of us. 

Keep moving, my friends! 



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