The Wave of Now

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“There is no Tomorrow!” - Apollo Creed 

Time is such a funny thing. It is. It comes. It goes. Most of us, if we are honest, focus too much on its coming and going. Few of us really embrace its “is-ness.” We get lost in our pasts, we become fixated or afraid of our futures, and we forget to concentrate and enjoy our right now. 

In our pasts, we hold onto our wins, losses, and regrets. In our futures, we dream of a better time to come or dread a time that may never come. But it is our nows that we live. And it is our nows that we often miss altogether. 

Life happens in the now. 

It can no longer be found yesterday and cannot live in tomorrow. For us to truly live, we have to live now. This means we have to let our pasts go. What has happened is done and gone away. We can’t hold on to it, we can’t correct it, we can’t undo it. This also means we have to hold a loose awareness of tomorrow. We know it may come, but it is not. It hasn’t happened, and it holds nothing real. All we have is this moment, right now. 

Now is like a wave that travels through time. If we are present, we surf that wave and live a life. If we slip off the back end and get trapped in the past, it leaves us behind. If we try to get too far ahead of it and only focus on our future, it can sweep us over and bury us. There is no flow of life before or after the wave of now. Life is only lived in the wave of now. Now is what carries us through a well-lived life. 

From a physical movement standpoint, this means that injuries should be let go of in our minds and our hearts. Their effects may remain in our bodies, but this is temporary, especially if we allow our bodies to heal by not dwelling in our “current condition” even though that condition was actually in our past. If we hold onto the belief that we have been broken or that we have a bad knee, we will continue to be broken or have a bad knee. 

This also means we can’t get caught up in the idea that we can prevent injuries and disease. This focus on prevention can get implanted in our minds and hearts, and we can then inadvertently create what we are focused on, even though we want to prevent it. We can call things into being that were not through our thoughts and intentions. We cannot be consumed or worried about preventing disease and injury. This focus can actually become toxic and prevent us from actually living now, which actually could be the “cure” for tomorrow. 

Now is when we must live with our bodies, our minds, and our hearts. If we can breathe, we should smile and embrace each breath because that is the breath we are given. If we can, we should move for the joy of moving because that is the design we’ve been given. We should breathe and move through joy because we are riding the wave of now. Breathing without regret, without fear, moving in the moment however we can move because we can move - that is what restores and creates capable bodies and minds able to handle the rigorous adventures of now. They also prepare us for the opportunities that tomorrow may bring, should it come. 

If we get trapped in a lie of our pasts, or we get paralyzed by a fear of our future, we lose our lives right now. Our bodies express our thoughts and emotions. They hold onto and project our mental wounds and fears. We must let go and look up to truly feel amazing in our bodies and enjoy this life as it was meant to. This moment is all we have. The best thing we can do is breathe, move, smile, and be grateful. Grateful our past is gone, grateful the future is not, grateful that we are truly alive right now. This is where we are alive and whole in all areas and realms. Now is where we live. If we are anywhere else, we are dead to life. 

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