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Categories: Blog Jun 10, 2024

This week was a pretty “big” week. We hit 60,000 subscribers for our YouTube channel. I know it’s all relative, but that’s a pretty big number to me. Our channel has been running for 12 years now, and every single week for 12 years, we’ve released at least one video. The aim of the videos is to provide useful content that the viewers can use immediately to help them feel better in their own bodies. After all, it feels good to feel good, and we want everyone to feel as good as they were designed to feel. And in case you didn’t know, we were each designed to feel amazing. 

Anyway, to celebrate the 60,000 subscriptions, I released a video demonstrating 6 different types of rocking. I wanted this video to be extra useful. Rocking is such a wonderful movement; it connects you, all of you. Rocking is a movement that builds who you are. It literally connects the hemispheres of your brain, your body to your nervous system, your brain to your body, and your body to your soul. 

Yes, it connects your body to your soul. Rocking calms the brain and the mind and soothes the emotions. Calming and soothing is also called healing. Rocking is a movement that heals the soul through movement, connecting the soul and the body, healing both the soul and the body, and ushering in health. 

When we move according to our design, we strengthen the interwoven connections between our physical being and our mental and emotional selves; we become a cord “not easily broken.” We were fashioned so that our bodies express our minds and emotions, but that means our minds and emotions also express our bodies. The more we move our bodies as designed, the healthier our expressions will be because the connection of our being will be healthy. 

Living in a body but not moving it will sicken our mind and our emotions. A sickened mind and unregulated emotions will ultimately further sicken our bodies. Anyway, we were intended to be woven together in HEALTH through movement, and rocking is one of those movements that weaves us together in our entirety. 

I know it may seem like I’m talking in nonsensical circles, but if you were to rock for 5 to 10 minutes, you might discover for yourself what I am saying, especially if you try this every day for several days or if you try it when you feel like you need to “feel good.” The bottom line is you were made to move, you were made to be healthy, and you were made to feel amazing. Rock on and discover for yourself if this is true. 

If you need help, here is the video I posted in celebration. I hope you find it useful. 

  • 60,000 and 6 Ways to Rock for Health

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