The Pat Flynn Show - How To Combine Kettlebells with Original Strength

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Can You Go?

Hello My Friends, It’s been an amazing week this past week. I got to see some old friends, and I had a chance to teach beside a great friend of mine named Dan John. I don’t know about you, but…

Reconnecting Brain and Body - OS for Use with ALS - ALS News Today

ALS affects my hand strength, but it’s no match for my determination Strategies and exercise have helped me discover what my body needs

Tim Anderson Joins Run with fitpage Podcast

Ep 137: Reset, with Tim Anderson Tim Anderson joins 'Run with Fitpage', a weekly podcast hosted by Founder, Vikas Singh, and focused on bringing…

Tim Anderson: Be Naked on The Strength Connection

Michael Kurkowski welcomes Tim to The Strength Connection Podcast, to discuss Tim's latest book “Be Naked”.

The Hammer Cast: Ep. 190: Dr. Mike Musselman on Original Strength for Superior Performance

Click Here to listen to this podcast with 2 of our favorite people... Dr. Mike Musselman…

Tim Anderson on Rolling Techniques to Move Better, Improve Gait, and “Connect the X” of the Body

Today’s episode features Tim Anderson.  Tim is the co-owner of the Original Strength Institute, and has been a personal trainer for over 20 years.  He has written and co-written many books on human…

Tim Anderson on The Strength Connection

Strength Connection Podcast #47 with Tim Anderson, co-founder of Original Strength. Mike Kurkowski and Tim Anderson discuss the origin and evolution of the Original Strength system.