The Movement of Faith

Key thoughts:

Faith is known even if not seen. It's God in operation.

Our existence is evidence that we are loved.

To see a person’s expressions (their gifts and talents) is the evidence of what we cannot see - the interworkings of their nervous system, which ultimately gets its direction from the cell(s), the container of God’s knowledge (DNA).

A Warning With a Grain of Salt


The world you live in is currently ruled by fear.

If you do something, you create opportunity. If you do nothing, you create opportunity.

Doing nothing or doing the same thing only hastens and compounds the results of what you’ve already been doing!

What is a Reasonable Goal?

Setting goals is important, and the right goals are even more important.

Your body is amazingly designed to get you through every day of your life.

How fast does your nervous system move or react?

Your body comes with a built-in restoration system.

It feels good to feel good.

Where the Head Goes…

The human design is so amazing, from helpless to an amazing person. At one point, your head accounted for 30% of your body weight. You spent most of your infancy getting strong enough to hold it. Your righting reflex helped make this happen. Once you control your head you control your life.

Happy 2024

It's that time of the year, but why isn't any time of the year good for a change?

It’s also not necessarily easy because we usually try to take a grand, sweeping approach to change rather than making small tweaks or strokes.

Whenever we recognize that change is needed, we need to know how to approach the issue's literal “root” of the issue, our nervous system.

In the end, if we want to succeed at creating lasting change in January or any time we recognize that change is needed, we need to know how to approach the literal “root” of the issue, our nervous system. 

If you’re an over-consumer of food, Facebook, Tic-Tok, porn, gossip, or sunsets, you’ve wired that inside yourself. 

If you move well, you feel well. If you feel well, you think well. If you think well and feel well, making good and helpful decisions that open desired paths for your life is easier. If you move well, feel well, and think well, you will likely not worry, be stressed, eat stressed, be angry, wage war against social media, or whatever else it is you want to change about your life.

Just keep showing up as often as possible until showing up is something you do because showing up is who you are.

Hardwired for Health

Hey Guys, It’s December! Can you believe it? And because it’s December, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. I know, it’s supposed to be “look” and not “feel,” but honestly, where I live,…

Never Stuck

I’ve got a good friend who needed a knee replacement. He was “bone on bone” in his knee, and it was very painful for him to move into deep knee flexion. Deep knee flexion is the kind of knee flexion…

Just Press the Button

As it happens, every few years, I realize I can never quickly and clearly explain what it means to Press RESET. And that’s a problem because the main thing I do, my one job, is to teach people what…

A Walk in the Park

Walking may be the ultimate form of Pressing RESET. Walking is our energy-conserving, yet energy-consuming, designated form of locomotion. Walking allows you to flush your limp nodes, strengthen your diaphragm, keep your arteries and veins clear, stimulate your organs, improve your digestion, strengthen your inner core unit, and keep deterioration away from your brain.

Blue Zone Clues

Hey guys, I’m sitting here in a hotel in Virginia, the state for Lovers. I’m not sure how they came up with that slogan or how they measure it, but I can say in October, Virginia is a beautiful…