Acute Lower Back Injury

And now, here is a guest article from a friend, OS Clinician, and Instructor, Dr. Kurt Brooks. Oh! The Agony! Today,…

Old Things Can Become New

People often prefer new and shiny things. I think we are designed to do this. After all, new is exciting. But we also crave old things like memories, tastes, smells, and feelings. Older things can bring comfort in a world where new seems always to fade. 

Original Strength is a company that teaches the oldest strength-building routine in the world, which is personalized to each individual's body. This original, old routine involves using the vestibular and nervous systems designed and built specifically for our bodies. 

Living in our design, we naturally developed strength as babies by controlling our heads, rolling over, crawling, and walking. However, as we grew up, we “moved” away from our design and became sitters, stressors, and worriers, causing our bodies to adapt to these changes. 

We can shift the direction of change through Original Strength's Movement Restoration System, which aims to help people regain some of the strength and movement they had as children. With Pressing RESET, we can even help people renew their bodies by recovering quicker and potentially eliminating the need for medications and surgeries.

What is a Reasonable Goal?

Setting goals is important, and the right goals are even more important.

Your body is amazingly designed to get you through every day of your life.

How fast does your nervous system move or react?

Your body comes with a built-in restoration system.

It feels good to feel good.

Just Press the Button

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The Number 1 Reason You Should Move Often for Health and Longevity

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How Do RESETs Restore the Nervous System?

Regularly Pressing RESET as it was designed to be used through breathing diaphragmatically, vestibular activation, and midline crossing patterns, all of these things either build, restore, refresh, or soothe the nervous system and remove the neural inhibitions that the brain places on the body. 

What Are You Afraid Of?

And now, a guest article from OS Professional Dr. Kurt Brooks... We all have fear of ‘something.’  I’m afraid of spiders! (Yes… they are vile…

Brush Your Nerves

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Can You Breathe Your Pain Away?

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Don’t Let Boredom Take Your Wonder

The five movements, and their variations, we call “RESETS” are quite miraculous movements. They build, renew, strengthen, and improve our nervous systems, our bodies, our minds, and…