Easy Strength and Original Strength

Hey guys,  It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. I’ve been traveling over the last two weeks with Dan…


Strength expert Tim Anderson’s new book dives into this important topic. By 

Just Press the Button

As it happens, every few years, I realize I can never quickly and clearly explain what it means to Press RESET. And that’s a problem because the main thing I do, my one job, is to teach people what…

The Pat Flynn Show - How To Combine Kettlebells with Original Strength

Click here to listen to the podcast featuring Pat Flynn and Dan John.

Reconnecting Brain and Body - OS for Use with ALS - ALS News Today

ALS affects my hand strength, but it’s no match for my determination Strategies and exercise have helped me discover what my body needs

Tim Anderson: Be Naked on The Strength Connection

Michael Kurkowski welcomes Tim to The Strength Connection Podcast, to discuss Tim's latest book “Be Naked”.

Mike Matthews of Legion - The Power of Movement RESETs with Tim Anderson

Click here to watch the video. Click here to read Mike Matthews and Tim Anderson discussing…

Text Neck

And now, a guest article by friend and OS Clinician, Dr. Kurt Brooks...   What is Text Neck? …

The Youth of a Spine

“You are as old as your spine.” - Chinese Proverb “You are as young and healthy as your spine is strong and supple.” -…

Pivot Points

I’ve had a few Pivot Points lately. I don’t know if that’s a name I’ve made up or not but some might call a pivot point a course correction, a life-altering event, a repentance or something…