Happy Birthday

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?  Have you ever thought about that?  Imagine…

Can You Heal from False Beliefs?

I’ll be honest; I’ve been pretty stubborn in my life. At least, if I’ve got a belief in my heart, I hold on to it until something happens that makes me question it. Usually, this has to be a big something.…

3, 2, One, Blastoff!

OS—We are a go for liftoff. The Rockeyball Athlete Science Team made this launch possible. Thanks to their great team, it was a successful mission to share Pressing RESET via the OS' A Physio's Guide to Pressing RESET. Going through the OSSA was also a huge eye-opener for all in attendance. Read more.

Failure to Thrive

I had a wonderful time teaching with Dan John over the last few weeks in England and Denmark. Our course is called Survive to Thrive. We teach the idea of establishing a lifestyle of habitual movement…

Acute Lower Back Injury

And now, here is a guest article from a friend, OS Clinician, and Instructor, Dr. Kurt Brooks. Oh! The Agony! Today,…

Get Down to Get Up = GD2GU

A guest article from OS Instructor Sarah Young!

The Wave of Now

“There is no Tomorrow!” - Apollo Creed  Time is such a funny thing. It is. It comes. It goes. Most of us, if we are honest, focus too much…

Rewiring for Strength: The Science of Neuroplasticity

And now, a Guest Post By Shane McLean  

Pressing Reset: The superpower that helps them all

And now, a guest article from friend and OS Clinician and Instructor Dr. Kurt Brooks: We all know Superman.  And Batman.  Aquaman, the Flash,…

Discover and Develop Your Strength

Key Thoughts

Your mind may be your biggest limiter.

You may be able to do challenging things that prevent you from living life fully.

Reveal your true idenitity.

If you engage in difficult tasks on purpose, if you can get comfortable being quite uncomfortable, you can discover and learn a great deal about yourself and all the strength you possess.