Charles Vasquez

Clinician | 720.309.8934

Hi, my name is Charles Vasquez and am in the business of helping people to feel and move better. I am a licensed massage therapist trained in a variety of modalities/methodologies/systems including but not limited to Active Isolated Stretching, Original Strength, Neuromuscular and Deep Tissue massage. For fun I enjoy riding bicycle, martial arts and cooking over an open fire.

Average Client: I see everyone from your weekend warrior athlete to those competing at a fairly high level. Your 9-5 desk-job/computer-job person with nagging shoulder/neck pain to your "stay at home mom" who wants to relax. I also see a fair amount of clients who are dealing with chronic pain from old injuries as well as those dealing with acute pain. So in a nutshell everybody from all walks of life.

Specialties: *AIS practitioner (Active Isolated Stretching) , *L.M.T. -Deep Tissue, NMT
*OS coach