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As a fitness, health, or education professional, it is your responsibility to help your clients, patients, or athletes achieve their best results.
Pressing RESET leads to:

Greater abilities, fewer injuries, faster recovery, and better performance.

By Pressing RESET and quickly connecting with your audience, you can help them succeed and achieve success.

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The OS Pressing RESET method helps you improve patient movement by enhancing your ability to observe movement.
You will learn to:
Build Strength
Speed Recovery Time
Reduce Injuries
Prevent Anxiety
Increase Test Scores
Enhance Buy-in of Process and Lifestyle Changes
To optimize movement for athletes, clients, patients, or students, Pressing RESET on the central nervous system (CNS) is crucial. Understanding this is essential for achieving optimal outcomes.

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the Original Strength Training Process*

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* The process of becoming an OS Certified Professional involves completing a certification course, passing an exam, and signing an agreement. Many courses provide CEUs or CECs through organizations like AFAA, CSCCa, BOC, AOTA, and state agencies.

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