Host a Course

In order to host a course, we need to know that you are committed to learning and spreading Original Strength in your area.

Hosting Info:

  • Ideally, a minimum of 15 participants.  We prefer 25, and if your space is sufficient, we can take up to 50.  We average about 20-27 participants.  
  • Your space must be able to accommodate at least 25 participants with room for floor activity and it should be a space free of distractions. This space can be just about anywhere, it does NOT need to be a gym/fitness facility.
  • Course hosts receive 1 complimentary spot.
  • The host receives a percentage of net proceeds.

Please complete the form to set up an Original Strength Pressing RESET Certification or to get more information.

Host a Course
Describe the space in terms of accessibility and size, as well as type of facility.