Kurt Brooks


kurtsbrooks@gmail.com | 919.604.2109

Kurt is a physical therapist with almost 30 years experience. Working with orthopaedic and sports medicine injuries, he continues to build on his love of learning - from completing a manual therapy fellowship, earning an advanced doctorate in Physical Therapy, to teaching at the Duke University School of Medicine/ Department of Physical Therapy. His love of movement has evolved from participating in all major sports during his childhood and playing college-level volleyball, to attaining his 2nd degree black-belt in Tae Kwon Do and challenging himself with Spartan races in time for his 50th birthday. Kurt continues his loves of anatomy and biomechanics, of life-long learning, of caring for others and of movement by incorporating Original Strength concepts into his clinical practice and daily life.

Kurt's average client is 10 - 100 years old. Most have a fear of movement for one reason or another. Sprains and strains... aches and pains... to pre and post op care. Sports conditioning and general fitness.