Matthew Myers

Instructor | 812.679.1003 | 0

Matt specializes in play, natural movement, and mobility, and has extensive experience coaching gymnastics strength training, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and functional training. He loves getting super nerdy and technical about the ins and outs of movement, but balances that out with a penchant for play and “shenanigans.” He’s used these systems to help everyone from folks competing in the World Spartan race championships to people just starting out on their fitness journey for the first time.

If you meet Matt in person, he promises to teach you his super-secret dance to Dragostea Din Tei (a.k.a. the Numa Numa song). He loves crawling on the floor with his two kids, helping others fall in love with movement, and dancing as much as humanly possible. He truly believes that training can be your key to restoring balance back to the Force and within yourself.

Matt works with folks from a wide age range (18-75) who are either just getting back into fitness or have been doing it for a while but are looking for a new perspective to help them. :)

Specialties:  Natural Movement, Play, Strength Training, Mobility, Post-Natal