Patricia (PJ) Olsen

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Hi! I'm PJ Olsen, owner of Restorative Strength. I’ve always led a very active lifestyle, but in my early 50s, I had a wake-up call. Because of my sedentary desk job, I was in constant discomfort and pain, and my ability to move around was declining. 

Desperate for a solution, I spent loads of time and money seeing every specialist I could think of, but the relief was only temporary. Finally, I tried something different. I learned about Original Strength and through it, and other specialized fitness and mobility training, I got my life back.

Now I offer the same specialized movement training to help the 50-and-over crowd overcome physical limitations, regain their confidence, and restore and maintain their strength and mobility for the long-term — no matter their age, fitness level, or location (online training is available). 
By empowering clients with simple tools and techniques that strengthen the body, brain, and nervous system, they are able to quickly reduce stiffness and pain, reclaim lost mobility and strength, and get back to leading their normal active life!
My average client is typically female and in her 60's or 70's who is finding it more challenging these days to participate in her favorite physical activities, keep up with the grandchildren, and is determined to reclaim her active lifestyle, age gracefully, and return to a thriving life!
Specialties: Baby Boomers and Seniors, folks recovering from injury or surgery, joint replacement prehab and rehab, and adults living with Parkinson's Disease