Quincy Henry


https://ocalaschoolofstrength.net | 352.497.9027 | https://edgeofstrength.com/

Quincy Henry is the owner of Ocala School of Strength a private training studio in Ocala, FL. He is an experienced professional trainer with over 27 years “under the bar” and has coached hundreds of clients ranging from aged 30 through 93. He specializes in 55+ fitness, functional strength training, and progressive resistance exercise.

Coach Q truly has a passion for coaching and helping others unlock the strength within and become better humans through better movement. He has a unique approach to establishing a foundation for his clients to create lasting change and build the strength they need to enjoy life to the fullest!

Average Client: 35 and up with some training history who may have limitations or weaknesses resulting from either wear and tear, poor exercise mechanics , or less than ideal exercise/programming choices.

Specialties: Kettlebell, Barbell, Mobility, Functional Strength, Balance, 55+ , Movement Restoration