Richard Macaulay

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My name is Richard Macaulay

I run a business called bodycarewecare ( with my wife Karen. I have been working in the sports and fitness industry in some capacity for 10 years. Karen and I specialise in teaching classes focused around core strength, movement and well being. Our goal is to improve the daily lives of the people that work with us. Our philosophy is food, movement, strength and fun.

I currently teach classes each week for bodycarewecare. I run the strength and conditioning/nutritional programme for North Berwick High School/Scottish Rugby Union initiative called ‘school of rugby.’

I run the ‘teen gym’ programme at our local sports centre teaching young people. This programme is focused on teaching young people about their own bodies and basic physical competencies and will give them the knowledge and ability to improve their own health and well being for years to come.

Finally I work as a strength and conditioning coach for a regional initiative called the PAIS (performance athletes in schools) programme. This programme works with young athletes that are on the developmental ladder for regional and international honours in their sport.

Original Strength has changed the way I teach myself and those I work with. By reminding our bodies how we were supposed to move I have seen clients say goodbye to aches and pains – and my athletes go from strength to strength.

My typical clients are 11-70 years old.

Specialites:  Nutrition and youth athletes