Vickie Yeingst

Pro | 919.601.2918 | Online Training Available

20+ years of Coaching Triathlon, started with TNT, progressed to USAT LII Coach, NASM Personal Trainer, Behavior Change Specialist, OS-RESET Pro, upcoming Head Coach for Duke University Triathlon Club. I love working with all levels and all generations, individuals and groups. I had a stroke in July/2021 and OS-RESET gave me my life back. So now I have a strong desire to help Stroke patients as well as others who want or need to improve their health, feel good, move better and improve performance. We can truly change the way we feel just by how we breathe and move. I am happily married to Dan, very active in my community, and involved in Rotary. I love helping others!

Specialties: Stroke Patients, Sedentary, Movers, Athletes

Average Client: HS teenage runners, adults, seniors, low active to highly active people, beginner, intermediate to advanced athletes